Aging Teachers with Disabilities


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  1. Aging Teachers with Disabilities: Experiences with Accommodations
  2. Project Goal
  3. Why STEM Teachers?
  4. Workplace Accommodations
  5. Methodology
  6. Subject Characteristics: Teaching Experience
  7. Subject Characteristics
  8. Accommodations Used: Environmental Barriers (older teachers)
  9. Accommodations Used: Common Technology
  10. Accommodations Used: Teaching STEM
  11. Accommodations Used: Younger vs. Older Teachers
  12. Provision of Accommodations
  13. Provision of Accommodations: Employees should lead the process, but...
  14. Accommodations Used: Most-used were those readily available
  15. Accommodations Used: Personal needs not addressed
  16. Provision of Accommodations: Employers
  17. Provision of Accommodations: Employees
  18. Current Work
  19. For More Information

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