Conference Abstracts - Tom Ryden

The Application and Use of Robotic Telepresence Systems

Tom Ryden
Cofounder Vgo Communications, Inc.

Robotic Telepresence is a new technology that enables a person to be "present" in a distant location. A person can not only hear, see, and talk with others in a distance facility but they can also move around freely just if they were there. Robotic Telepresence integrates high quality two-way audio and video communications with a mobile, drivable platform that represents a person. The growth in this emerging technology field has been large. A number of robotic telepresence systems have been introduced over the past year and the technology has recently been written up in the New York Times and BusinessWeek.

Telepresence robots can be controlled remotely from a PC or a cell phone. With the simple click of a mouse a user can connect to a robot, move around at the remote location and see and talk with the people there - those people also see and hear the remote individual. The remote user has complete control of the robot, including the audio, video, camera, lights, and motors. Customization of these units is sometimes available.

This talk will introduce the attendees to the robotic telepresence products in the market and their applications. The features and specifications of the products will be compared. An overview of the technology, the basic elements to a system and how they are used will be provided. Examples of some of the many applications for these types of products and what customers are doing with them today will be reviewed. Lastly a demonstration of a Vgo Robotic Telepresence will be given.

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