Distance Education for VR Professionals

Project Team

Project Director: Robert Todd, M.S.
Project Team: S. Endicott, OTR; S. Haynes, ME B.M.E.; M. McAvoy, BS
Advisor: J. Kniskern, Assistive Work Technology Services & Tools for Life, GA DOL Labor
Project Partners: GA & NC Vocational Rehabilitation, Regional DBTAC Network

Summary / Outcome Goals

The primary objective of this project is to provide VR counselors with research evidence and evaluate the utilization of that knowledge in the practice of workplace accommodations. This will be accomplished using a combination of distance education methods. Specific aims are to: 1) solicit information about training needs from VR professionals; 2) develop and conduct a 6-week online course and a series of specialized webcasts; 3) conduct a follow-up evaluation of course and webcast participants to measure utilization and obtain user feedback; and 4) update the course and webcasts based on user evaluation and feedback.

Several webcasts are already planned. Visit our Events page to find upcoming presentations.