CNC Manufacturing Accommodations

Project Team

Project Director: Scott Haynes
Co-investigator: Bryan Black
Previous Research Assistants: Puneet Taneja, Sandra Shackelford, Edo Eussen, Xiaoyi Ye

Summary / Outcome Goals

Manufacturing occupations pose some of the greatest access challenges to people with disabilities, including people who return to work following an injury or people who lose function through the natural aging process. Fortunately, the use of automated equipment can help to reduce the functional requirements for some manufacturing operations. The goal of this project is to (1) investigate methods to adapt computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery in a manufacturing environment, to accommodate the needs of workers with disabilities and (2) to develop a design guide to help manufacturers with the implementation of appropriate accommodations for their workers with disabilities. The RERC is open to receiving any information relating to accommodations for people with disabilities in a manufacturing or production environment.

Progress to Date

Key Findings

Selected Publications / Presentations