Training for Workers with Disabilities

Project Team

Project Director: Karen Milchus, MS B.M.E., ATP
Project Team: S. Endicott, OTR; M. McAvoy, BS
Advisor: P. Rumrill, Jr., Co-PI, CORC and Prof. for Disability Studies, Kent State
Project Partners: GA and NC Vocational Rehabilitation

Summary / Outcome Goals

The objective of this project is develop an online course on workplace accommodations for people with disabilities who are transitioning from school to work in order to improve their ability to find and maintain employment. Specific aims are to:1) solicit information about training needs from stakeholders; 2) develop and conduct a 4-week online course on how to determine accommodation needs, identify options, and obtain solutions; 3) conduct a follow-up evaluation of course participants to measure utilization and obtain feedback; 4) refine the course based on evaluation results and feedback; 5) implement the course; and 6) repackage the course for in-person training with individuals without Internet access. Initially, the course will target individuals with motor and sensory impairments, as current RERC research has provided a fair understanding of accommodations used by these individuals. As our proposed research provides new insights into the accommodation needs and strategies of individuals with communication and cognitive impairments, additional material will be added to the course to target those individuals.