Retail Checkstand

Project Team

Project Director: David Ringholz
Co-Investigator: RL Grubbs
Research Assistants: Jason Quick, Doria Kung, Camillo Vargus

Summary / Outcome Goals

The General Workstation Program is conducting research to aid in the development of new designs for workstations in environments where accessible workstations are not available. Specifically, the program is focused on grocery retail checkstands. The project is also creating a knowledge base (including anthropometric measures and digital human models) from which to inform and develop Universal Designs.

Progress to Date


In Progress


Key Findings

Literature review analysis yields the following results:

Preliminary Heuristic Evaluation of existing workstations, including the LoadKing model acquired for testing has yielded the following results:

Selected Publications / Presentations

Design Guidelines

Journal Articles

Conference Papers / Presentations