Supine Computer Workstation

Project Team

Project Director: Scott Haynes
Previous Research Assistants: Caroline Kelly, Karen Williams, Edo Eussen, Young Mi Choi

Summary / Outcome Goals

Many people who suffer from chronic low back pain can not sit upright for long periods of time without pain. Lying on one's back can help to relieve this low back pain. However, most computer workstations can not be used when lying down. The goal of this project is to (1) measure the impact of different postures on user comfort and on the performance of basic computer-related tasks such as typing, using a pointing device, reading, etc. and (2) develop a computer workstation that will allow the user to access the computer from several working postures. The RERC is currently seeking collaborators interested in developing a computer workstation based on findings from this research.

Progress to Date

Key Findings

Selected Publications / Presentations