Remote Possibilities for Workplace Access

Michael J. Dziak

Enabled by high technology and remote connectivity, the potential for improving access to the workplace goes far beyond access ramps, hand rails and automatic doors. However, the primary obstacles allowing people with disabilities access to remote employment opportunities are more psychological than physical.

This presentation makes the case for telework as a viable workplace alternative that makes good employers, good managers and good employees even better. It postulates that the primary obstacles to widespread telework involve misinformation, frequently preventing remote work from being seriously considered as a viable option for people with disabilities.

The presentation presents tips for policy makers, product designers, employers, and employees with disabilities on how to turn telework skepticism into passionate support.

The presenter then introduces the concept in which a telework program, a telemanager and a teleworker become 'Certified.' Certification establishes clear program structure, reduces decision points, minimizes confusion and misinformation, maximizes program potential, and assures long-term program success.

Recommendations for future developments.

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Michael J. Dziak is President of Peachtree City-based InteleWorks, Inc., a company founded to help employers establish formal telework programs. Dziak, in his fifteenth year as a telework consultant, author and trainer, has helped dozens of companies and thousands of knowledge workers become successful in their telework experience. Prior to his career in telework, Dziak spent nearly eighteen years in the telecommunications industry in marketing and sales positions. He wrote a telework program implementation manual entitled The RemoteControl System Pro, and a book that helps remote workers become "Power Telecommuters" entitled "Telecommuting Success: A Practical Guide for Staying in the Loop While Working Away from the Office," available in book stores since March 2001. Michael earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Lewis University in Lockport, IL.

Presentation from the 'Workplace Accommodations: State of the Science' conference, September 15-16, 2005, Atlanta, GA