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When we hear about making science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) accessible for people with disabilities, we usually think about students with disabilities.

But what about teachers with disabilities? Not only do people with disabilities provide a large untapped source of STEM educators, but their presence in the classroom may encourage students with disabilities to consider STEM professions. What types of strategies and technologies might help a person with a disability enter science, technology, engineering or math education, return to work after acquiring a disability, or to counter the difficulties in performing work tasks due to aging?

CATEA, with funding from the National Science Foundation, has developed this site to provide information to educators and administrators about how to provide workplace accommodations to STEM teachers with disabilities. We have included both information about process and possible accommodation solutions, including links to resources that can be tapped for further information, assessment services, or funding.

Much of the information on this site is based on research findings from a study of the work experiences of and workplace accommodations used by K-12 and postsecondary STEM educators.

It should be noted that although this site targets STEM educators, a great deal of the information would also be relevant for teachers of other subjects.

Workplace Accommodation Resource Modules

Accommodation Process:

  1. Legislation and Policies
    1. What Laws (Might) Apply to My Situation?
    2. Roles and Responsibilities
    3. Implications and Examples
    4. Resources: Legislation
  2. Identification of Accommodations
    1. Assessments
    2. Types of Accommodations
    3. Implementation
    4. Resources: Programs & Professionals
    5. Resources: Funding Accommodations

Accommodation Ideas for Teachers with:

  1. Motor Impairments
  2. Vision Impairments
  3. Communication Difficulties (e.g., Deaf, Speech Impairments)
  4. Cognitive Impairments (e.g., LD, ADD)
  5. Resources: Technical Assistance

This resource was funded by:

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