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STEM Educators: Research Findings

When we hear about making science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) accessible for people with disabilities, we usually think about students with disabilities.

This project conducted research on the work experiences and accommodations used by STEM educators with disabilities.

An online survey was developed and was advertised via K-12 science and math coordinators, college ADA coordinators, professional organizations, and groups working with students with disabilities. The survey took about twenty minutes to complete and included 41 questions on demographics, the subject and grades that were taught, barriers that had been encountered, workplace accommodations used, and the process for receiving these accommodations. Ninety-two educators with disabilities from 30 states completed the survey; eighty of them taught STEM subjects. The respondents include a mixture of educators from different grade levels and STEM specialties, and they have a variety of disabilities.

In addition, focus group interviews were conducted to gain more detailed information.

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